This Gothic extravaganza is the grandest manmade thing in the Balearic Islands, for sure.

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Majorca Cathedral

A.k.a. "the cathedral of the sea"

"Grandiose" doesn't begin to describe the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca. And that was no doubt the point, when King Jaume I ordered it built atop a mosque after evicting the Muslims in 1229: to show definitively who was the new boss. This gigantic Gothic edifice comes across even more impressive if you approach it from the south side, facing the sea. And the huge Roman and Renaissance walls that surround it make the whole business appear grander still. Traditionally known by locals as "La Seo", it took nearly six centuries to complete. Inside, besides its great general majesty, you must have a look at the painting by the modern Majorcan artist Miquel Barceló in the right front apse.

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