Pedestrian shopping streets and underground arcades - a fascinating mix in downtown Palma de Mallorca.

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Shopping in Palma's historic centre

An interesting variety of shopping venues in the Plaça Major area.

If you're looking for a little shopping in Palma, come down to the Plaça Major, from which several major streets extend that will be of interest to you. Head north on Carrer Sant Miquel until it hits Carrer Oms, or eastward along Sindicat. On these pleasant pedestrian streets you'll find a number of small shops, mainly clothing and accessories. In the opposite direction, to the south you have Argenteria and Colom streets where you should go if you're in the market for jewelry; this area, the former Jewish quarter, has a number of the city's most interesting jewelers. The Plaça Major harbours a curious shopping area area of its own, in underground passageways where you'll find everything from electronics and accessories to foodstuffs and fashion.

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