If you have an interest in history, this church needs to be on your itinerary, as it marks a key transition from Moorish to Christian rule.

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St. Eulalia Church

The island's oldest church is an architectural hodgepodge

With its white façade and gargoyles guarding the entrance, this 13th-century church is a key landmark in the city because it marks the beginning of the Palma de Mallorca you see before you today. Dating from the 13th century, it's one of the very first buildings built after the Moors lost dominion over the Balearic Islands. The exterior is a somewhat bewildering mishmash of Gothic, Baroque and neo-Gothic thanks to the fact that its construction started around the year 1236 and dragged on till 1570. And when Majorca was its own kingdom, all its kings were crowned here, and in its chapel of Santa Llúcia (one of the city's most important saints), they swore their oaths of office.

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