A beautiful and functional building which adorns the heart of the Portuguese Ribeira.

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Casa do Infante (House of the Royal Heir)

Historical archive of the city.

This fine original construction was erected in the heart of the Ribeira in 1325. It gets its name because it was where the heir Enrique el Navegante (Henry the Navigator) was born, whose role in the great discoveries of the Portuguese seafarers was pivotal. The building has served as a residence for lodging visitors to the Portuguese royal family, besides having been used as a customs house and mint. The Casa do Infante (Heir’s House) has undergone numerous alterations over the centuries, which you can follow closely thanks to the plans and video on view inside. Another of its curiosities is that it is home to a museum where archeological remains found on the spot are like the laboriously constructed mosaics in their original guise. For those who are keener still, it is also home to seasonal exhibitions, a showcase of exhibits which were stored in them in different eras, including old maps and the city’s historical archive.

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