Green Light backing lends respectability to the passion for football.

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Estadio do Dragão (Dragão Stadium)

A temple of Portuguese football.

Another of Porto’s great passions, together with its wines and vineyards and wider than average range of architectural and cultural offerings, is sport, or more precisely, football, whose temple of worship is at the Estadio do Dragão (or ‘del Dragón’, giving it its literal Spanish translation). The structure, a symbol of the city on its own, is home to the teams who represent first division club F.C. Porto. Opened in 2003 with a friendly game that the Portuguese team played against Barcelona, it was designed by the architect Manuel Salgado to provide respite from the former Estadio das Antas; its aesthetic appeal has drawn praise from all over the world. It is the thirty-sixth largest European stadium judged on crowd capacity alone and can hold 54,378 spectators. There are guided visits timetabled throughout the year and the respect of many has been attained by gaining its Green light certificate, which is recognition awarded by the European Commission as a reward for green consumption of lighting and energy.

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