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Jardín de la Cordoaria (Cordoaria Gardens)

The greenest of the urban gardens.

This park, along with the Crystal Palace gardens, is one of the city of Porto’s most delightful green artificial spaces. On completion in 1613, it was originally called the Olival field, and its name kept undergoing changes until it was declared to be the Jardín Joao Chagas (The Joao Chagas Gardens) or the Campo dos Mártires da Pátria (The Field of the Fatherlands Martyrs) in 1835, although it’s also known as the Coadaria Gardens because that is the name of the area of its location. It is a considerable size and has abundant vegetation, a number of differently themed sculptures and even a pond. In its surrounding area there are a number of other tourist points like the Natural History Museum, the Torre de los Clérigos (Cleric’s Tower),and the Carmen church.

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