The tastiest francesinhas (Porto style Croque-Monsieurs and cheese melt sandwiches) are to be found here.

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La Tendinha

Portuguese food to suit all pockets.

It’s a stop-off pub serving traditional tastes in the atmosphere of yesteryear. It’s prices suit most pockets and is universally recognised for its ‘Francesinhas’, the most typical Porto dish,(a type of sandwich containing ham, cheese, sausage meat, veal, egg, and other ingredients. You’ll also be able to find fast food options on the menu, like hotdogs and chorizo spiced sausage and bread , and other classics of Portuguese cuisine such as octopus with garlic or cod ( the recipe where they prepare the fish in hot ashes is more than highly recommended).On leaving the Tendinha, it may well be that you’ve not spent more than 10 or 12 euros, although if you want to try the specialties of Portuguese cuisine at a single go, they have a tasting menu at 22 euros a head (with drink included).

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