The most serene of Porto skylines has a white tinge.

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Palacio Episcopal (Episcopal Palace)

A Barroque- and Roccoco-forged identity.

Flanking the Cathedral de la Sé and turning out to be one of the greatest exponents of Porto’s civil architecture, the baroque and rococo define this rectangular style which houses an internal central patio, where everything is harmoniously decorated, with murals and plasterwork from the 18th and 19th centuries. The original shell of the building dates from the 13th century but what we see nowadays is the upshot of the restructuring which it underwent in 1737.The coat of arms on its façade, of Bishop Rafael de Mendoça, and the great monumental U-shaped staircase which takes up its inside, attributed to the architect Nicolau Nasoni, are the most impressive hallmarks of the complex. Located high up, the Porto Episcopal Palace, with its immaculate white façade peppered with rows of windows with granite lintels, dominates the skyline of the harbour town, and can be glimpsed for instance whilst enjoying a boat trip down the Duero river.

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