Nocturnal entertainment assured in wine bars and brasseries to the rhythms of traditional Portuguese music.

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Partying on the banks of the Duero

The aroma of wine and Fado singing.

The city of Porto offers two great options for enjoying a beer and good conversation in the early evening on the banks of the Duero river. At the southern end, you can move down to Vila Nova de Gaia where not only its competitive wine cellars stand out but also quite relaxing local spots, which come across as ideal for having a drink surrounded by unrivalled views of the fully lit up harbour area. On the northern banks, the Porto Ribeira, there are hundreds of bars and cafes with an altogether livelier environment. It shouldn’t surprise you to find yourself in the middle of a tavern listening to the performance of some fado singer. When it gets down to business, one of the best spots to enjoy these famous Portuguese sounds is the “Mal Cozinhado” (which means “undercooked/underdone” in English!), and along with this place, the Aniki Bóbó, which owes its name to a film by the long time Portuguese film director Manuel de Oliveira deserves special mention, and has turned out to be a Ribeira classic.

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