Routes around the historic heart of Porto and its quarters

A thousand different ways to get into town and to get to know it more thoroughly.

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Routes around the historic heart of Porto and its quarters

Getting to know Porto.

There are many companies who organise these types of trips to get to know the prettiest, strangest and most celebrated of the city’s nooks and crannies. Porto Tours is probably one of the most popular, whose web site allows you to choose between guided visits on foot, by boat, on bicycle, on scooter or in an excursion bus, with meals or suppers and events thrown in on occasions: The commonest guided walk on foot for Porto’s visitors is one which takes in the la Avenida de los Aliados, the Townhall the Plaza de la Libertad,(Freedom Square) San Bento station and the Dom Luiz I bridge in a single day. A further option is to discover the colourful districts which comprise the city in a day: Ribeira, Boavista, Baixa, Cordoaria, Foz or the historic centre, also known as the Bolhão district amongst others, besides Vilanova de Gaia (which is more like a neighbouring municipality).

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