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Soares dos Reis Museum

Porto’s most important museum.

Portugal’s oldest museum and Portos’ most important, is inside the Palacio Real Torre da Marca (The Marca Tower of the Royal Palace) and is not something you should miss out on! Its construction in 1795 was carried out by the architect Joaquim da Costa Lima at the behest of a rich business family, the Morais e Castros; it was converted into the most important residential building of its era. It was populary known as the “Palacio dos Carrancas” which came to mean the “Palace of the furrowed brow” given the bad character of its owners. With the passing of the years, the palace was converted into a royal residence, and later into a hospital, after falling into disuse for as time. Today, the building is occupied by the Soares dos Reis Museum, which houses furniture, ceramics, engravings, glass, and a series of paintings from the so-called Porto School of the 19th and 20th centuries. The most important part of the museum is dedicated to the renowned Portuguese sculptor Antonio Soares dos Reis.But no one should be disappointed, because here it’s possible to admire some of his most famed creations like “El Borracho” (The Drunkard) or the Flor Agreste (The Wild Flower).After visiting the museum, the palace gardens are well worth a little stroll around.

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