The Escondidinho (The little hidden-away place)

Porto style tripe… we dare you!

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The Escondidinho (The little hidden-away place)

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In the middle of the Passos Manuel, famous for its local spots and alternative clubs, you’ll find this place which was opened in 1930, which still retains its original hallmark, with a wall decorated with tiles redolent of an actual Portuguese house. Traditional cuisine is on offer at more than decent prices. For that reason it’s advisable to book in advance. It has plentiful dishes suited to all budgets and the family service will make you want to go back again. Comfortably seated in a room which recreates the décor of drawing rooms in 18th century mansions, you’ll be able to sample the best locally caught fish, first rate coddone in lots of different ways, meats with different accompaniments along with other traditional recipes. For the bravest, the Escondidinho (The little hidden away place) is a recommended spot (based on quality and hygiene) to try out the famous “Porto style Tripe”.

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