The Miguel Bombarda Gallery of Street Art

Art zone of the most varied hues, a must-see for all art lovers.

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The Miguel Bombarda Gallery of Street Art

The hub of young creative types.

Alongside the official museums and institutions, Porto can claim to be a city of reference for young creative types and upcoming artists. A veritable never-ending stream of interesting propositions oversteps the boundaries of convention. The cradle of all this is the Miguel Bombarda Street, where you’ll find the largest part of the metropolitan art galleries. If this isn’t enough for you, the options on offer in this street go from more traditional paintings or sculptures, through jewellery, up to the most exquisite and cutting edge textile design. (Yes, definitely, always being in the hands of young creative types.)Here, there’s an accumulation of cute restaurants and hostelries for those to whom art is their raison d’être. Every couple of months there’s some new opening being celebrated in one of the place’s galleries, with music, drinks, and on occasions leisure activities open to the public. The the streets are shut off to pedestrians and then, let the party begin! Close by Miguel Bombarda street there are other types of artistic activities going on, in areas like the Baixa and other adjacent streets, on Rosário and Breyner streets.

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