You’ll go back over the history of Portugal through its coins and notes, medals, ballot papers and decorations.

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The Numismatist Collection

Coins of all shapes and hues.

Coins not only from Portuguese history but also from the Greek, Roman, Hispanic, and Arabic civilizations are the objects of envy in the Gabinete de Numismática (The Numismatics Collection), located in the Viscondes de Balsemão Palace, which hosts one of the most complete collections in the entire country. Its unusual exhibition began in 1850 when the Museo Municipal de Oporto (the Porto Municipal Museum) aquired the collection of the Briton John Francis Allen. But you won’t only find coins in its glass showcases, but also medals, awards, policies, ballot papers and casts, index cards and banknote printing presses. Nowadays, the originally 18th century Viscondes de Balsemão Palace is also the home of the directorship of the Municipal de Cultura, and puts on different exhibitions and events.

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