Want to know how the upper classes lived in the nineteenth century? Visit this mansion in the English Imperial Court style and you’ll find out.

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The Romantic Museum

A nineteenth century mansion.

Located within the Quinta de Maceirinha (the Maceirinha estate), there is a delightful 19th century mansion set in the grounds of the Crystal Palace , the prettiest location in all Porto. The Museo Romántico reflects the lifestyle of uppercrust Porto citizens during the 19th century. The building, which opened its doors in 1972 is built in the romantic style, although it has an Anglo-Saxon facade. Its drawing rooms are decorated with furniture in the imperial and English styles, with paintings and other items from the era. Many of the rooms recreate the style that would have illuminated the property when King Carlos Alberto de Piamonte y Cerdeña lived there; he spent his later years exiled in Portugal, and lived there until his death from tuberculosis in the very house in 1849. Some of the most recommended nooks here are the chapel, the Vestier (Vestry) Room, the Dancing Room, the room in which the King passed away, the dining room or the billiards room. Don’t miss out on going down to the Port wine cellar in the building’s basement, to try out the local wines, with a selection range of more than two hundred. And don’t forget the terrace either, so as not to pass over the chance to enjoy one of Porto’s’ magnificent twilights whilst looking out on the river.

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