Scenic quality in a delightful and very special architectural enclave.

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The São João National Theatre

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The charm of turning up in this room doesn’t rest solely in the quality of the theatrical and dance spectacles enacted therein, (which is always high), but also on the architectural and decorative appeal of this singular construction. Under the baton of artistic director Nuno Carinhas, the San João Theatre seeks to experiment with contemporary scenic languages, but also banks on bringing the classics before its audiences. It produces 4 or 5 large scale big productions a year, and co-produces and gives debuts to dozens of smaller scale works at the same time, by both home grown and foreign artists. Located in Batalha Square, the original construction was designed in 1794 by Vicente Mazzoneschi and its inauguration took place to celebrate the birthday of Prince Don João IV (hence thus becoming known as the Prince’s Theatre.However, tragedy struck in 1908 when it was razed to the ground in a fire. Thus the theatre we know today, with its fine façade and four Ionic columns, was designed in 1911 by the architect Marqués da Silva. You can check out programming and pricing (usually reasonable) at

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