Get to know the place where the cultural class met up in Rome, and enjoy a nice coffee

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Antico Caffe Greco

The oldest café in Rome

Despite of the fact that coffee is one of the delicacies of Rome, and we are in a coffee bar, that isn't why we came. Well, not just for that. Time has stopped in the Antico Caffe Greco. And it stopped in the XIX century. It is the oldest café in Rome, and the second oldest in all of Italy. And here, at Nº 86 of Via Condotti, poets, writers and artists from Rome met. At these tables people like Goethe, Keats, Byron, Stendhal, Richard Wagner, and very many more, had very long conversations. Since then this café has stayed open and intact. Nowadays, it is still an important place for Rome's literary activity and it is a habitual place for presenting books, writers' press conferences and talks by critics and people close to the publishing world. It is quite normal to find public figures, from politicians to singers, having a coffee here. If you are fond of literature and art in general, you'll enjoy having a drink here. By the way, the coffee is excellent.

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