The Hadrian's Mausoleum is not perhaps the most beautiful in Rome, but there is a lot of history behind it

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Castel Sant'Angelo

Is a fortress on the banks of the River Tiber

This stone giant is known as the guardian of Rome. It stands on the banks of the River Tiber, as if it were an enormous gladiator. To reach it, you must cross Hadrian's bridge (now pedestrian only) The enormous stone walls were erected under the reign of the Emperor Hadrian in the year 135 A.D. It is hard to believe that what the Emperor had in mind was the erection of a family mausoleum, in their little back garden! The building, unlike other monuments in Rome, is not particularly attractive and is not very popular among Romans. But, because of its architecture, it served as a defence tower against the many attacks that Rome suffered during the time of the Roman Empire. In fact, both emperors and popes have used this building as a residence during times of conflict. We would also like to share a secret with you; few people know that the castle is connected to the Vatican by a fortified underground corridor, which allows the Pope to move, in the event of a serious threat.. Perhaps, because of these mysterious stories, this castle is one of the Roman buildings, which has most often appeared in novels and films.

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