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Piazza Venezia

It is the heart of the city

On one side is the gigantic monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, on the other, the Palace of Venice and in the middle, the continuous movement of passers by, tourists and workers. You are in the Piazza Venezia (Venice Square), one of the main points of activity and tourism in the city of Rome. As we said, this square is presided over by the huge controversial Monument of King Victor Emmanuel II who united Italy during his reign. This mammoth building gets the attention of tourists but is also the cause of controversy among Romans. Both its bombastic proportions and the exaggerated patriotic iconography and whiteness of the stone, which clashes with the other monuments in Rome, have caused a large number of the population to reject it. It is known as the typewriter and wedding cake. In contrast, the Palace of Venice stands on the other side of the huge staircase. The first Renaissance style palace in Rome. It was the Pope's residence during many years. But it is better known as Mussolini's residence, in fact, the dictator used one of the balconies for his long winded speeches. And this is something that has remained engraved on Italy's memory.

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