Visit the seat of Rome and learn about the legend of Romulus and Remus

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The Palatine Hill

This is were everything began…

This hill rose, as if it wanted to watch over the city of Rome. In fact this is where the city originated. Mythology tells the tragic story of a she wolf that lived on the hill and suckled two small abandoned children called Romulus and Remus. When they grew older, the brothers founded the city at the foot of the hill that had seen them grow. In a fight for control of the city, Romulus killed Remus. Legend or not, history shows that by 700 BC there were settlements in that area. These settlements were the beginning of the city. The position of Palatine Hill was ideal, because it was near the River Tiber and people were able to grow food and keep livestock. And so, this is where the story of the eternal city begins. A lot of testimonies have come down to us over the ages about ancient Rome, and if you climb this mountain you can visit the Domus Flavia Palace, the house of Livia and the house of Augustus, the former Emperor's residence. After crossing the XVI century Farnese gardens, you can sit and contemplate the Roman Forum, lying at your feet, just like a postcard.

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