Apart from historical monuments in Rome, there is room for modern art too

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One of the charms of the eternal city is having art in the street. Rome is a city where both the Empire and the Renaissance periods have converted the city centre into a museum in itself. Baroque and romance have also left their mark. But that does not mean that Rome does not look ahead with regards to artistic currents. The MACRO is one of the most innovative XX century places with a global reputation. Visiting the inside and outside of the MACRO are equally important. That is to say, the building itself (a restoration of an old industrial building where Peroni beer was made) is a very innovative architectural work, and that alone has made it a city attraction. Inside, six enormous rooms exhibit collections of art from the 60s, pop-art and a wide variety of works of art from the XX century, as well as new trends. One of its main attractions is a permanent exhibition of the work by a Group called Formula 1, which consists of Perilli, Accardi and Dorazio. Just taking a walk around it is worthwhile.

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