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Galería Botello (Botello Gallery)

The Caribbean Gauguin.

The former home of the Hispanic/Puerto Rican artist Ángel Botello, (who emigrated with his family from Galicia to Haiti and then on to Puerto Rico at the beginning of the 20th century), has become a reference for art dealers and collectors in search of signed exotic pieces by the new artists of San Juan. Ángel Botello, who is considered to be the Gauguin of the Caribbean, is honoured in this place with a large sample of his work, as well as exhibiting national and international artists. The Gallery occupies the family colonial mansion with over 300 years of history, and it's located in 'calle del Cristo' (Christ’s Street), with its whitewashed walls which highlight the colourful paintings of contemporary Puerto Rican art. In this house/gallery, you'll find art exhibitions, an important collection of old carvings of wooden saints and you can buy paintings, photographs, lithographs, ceramics and sculptures which are made of iron and copper.

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