Sshhh! Do you hear it? It's the waves breaking accompanied by birds cheeping. An indescribable soundtrack.

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Playa Luquillo (Luquillo Beach)

Music for your ears.

If there’s a place where you only hear the noise of sea waves and birds in the foliage of the palm grove, that place is Luquillo Beach, also known as the spa of 'La Monserrate'. This enclave, which is only half an hour from San Juan, is one of the four Blue Flag coastal points in the country, where amenities and good conditions of the beach (with a camping area, baths, kiosks, shaded areas) are complemented with very calm and crystal clear water, where you can practice snorkelling or kayaking, among other marine sports. The local custom is to go with your own baskets of homemade food, although the nearby beach bars can also offer to feed you. Due to the lack of waves or tides, this makes it an ideal destination for a day at the beach with children and it's just a few metres from the natural enclave of 'El Yunque'.

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