Rosalia International Cuisine & Tapas

You'll mistake their dishes for paintings. You are in front of a restaurant that offers real culinary works of art.

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Rosalia International Cuisine & Tapas

Trendy food.

The rectangular dishes painted with balsamic vinegar as if they were canvases, already indicate trendy and designer taste, and that's just what you'll find at the Rosalia International Cuisine & Tapas restaurant. Each dish is presented as it would be in a competition, with ribs in the shape of a pyramid, desserts turned into the shape of swans or potato purée that seem like encrypted messages with the decoration of the spices. The customers speak wonders of the selection of wines that the restaurant offers as well as the starters, side dishes and main dishes of both meat and fish; the 'filet mignon' (tenderloin) is particularly special. For those with a sweet tooth, it's worth taking your time to choose between the wide selection of desserts, but the 'créme brûlée de chocolate blanco' (white chocolate créme brûlée) is highly recommended.

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