Coincide your visit to the fort on the third Sunday of the month and you'll be amazed at the historic weapons firing drill!

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Fuerte San Cristóbal (San Cristóbal Fort)

Spanish vigour.

When eighteenth-century Spanish rulers ordered to build the Fort or Castle of San Cristóbal, they didn’t consider an invasion by sea, but rather a possible entry by land, which would leave them unprotected. That was how this fort started, which was built on an original wall in 1783 and declared a World Heritage Site two hundred years later. The Spaniards' suspicions were founded since they checked the defensive success of 'Fuerte San Cristóbal' as they drove back an attack of 7,000 British soldiers in 1791. If your visit to the fort coincides with the third Sunday of the month, you can watch the historic weapons firing drill that completes this interesting visit to the castle, which includes passageways, tunnels, artillery posts, watchtowers and audiovisual displays with models and examples of the uniforms and weapons of the period. It’s a complete virtual tour through the operation of the fort.

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