Constructed in the heart of San Juan Bay, you'll instantly distinguish its shape. Once inside, you'll love its history.

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Palacio de Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina Palace)

Built in the 16th century.

On the shore of San Juan Bay, you’ll recognize the silhouette of the 'Palacio de Santa Catalina', also known as 'la Fortaleza' (The Fortress), which was commissioned by the Spanish King Carlos I, who was sick of pirates and enemies coming in from the sea to loot. Since its construction in the mid-16th century until now, not only has it served as a coastal defence system, but also as a watchtower from the high 'Torre de Mando' (Control Tower), and later as the Puerto Rican Governor's residence, where he needed to prepare the area for housing and gardens. In the mid-19th century, its military appearance was changed in order to become presidential headquarters, where the last Spanish Governor struck a grandfather clock with his sword, marking the exact time of day when Puerto Rico lost against the U.S. invasion.

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