If you like the world of galaxies and radio telescopes, don't forget to visit this observatory. It's ideal for children.

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Observatorio de Arecibo (The Arecibo Observatory)

Happy 50th!

One of the world's largest radio telescopes is 50 years old and it’s located at the 'Observatorio de Arecibo', where it has been deciphering the mysteries of the galaxies since 1963. Its visitor centre receives more than 100,000 spectators a year and if you travel with children, or the world of astronomy interests you, this place will not leave you indifferent. The audio-visual room projects an explanatory video where the basic principles of astronomical investigations relating to atmospheric science are explained and carried out in this place, showing a typical day of scientific work with the giant, 305 metre-diameter radio telescope. The centre also contains exhibitions and panels that refer to the universe, which you are unable to see with your eyes and require advanced technology in order to be able to see further on.

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