Verde Mesa (The Green Table)

Not suitable for carnivores, the healthiest restaurant in San Juan offers exquisite semi-vegetarian cuisine.

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Verde Mesa (The Green Table)

A vegetarian paradise.

Located on 'calle Tetuán' (Tetuán Street) of Old San Juan, the 'Verde Mesa' restaurant is specialized in vegetarian food and it’s one of the most healthy and organic suggestions for eating out in Puerto Rico, and of course: without a single recipe that includes meat. It's a friendly restaurant with rococo decoration of empty cages, unequal mirrors and carefully upholstered chairs, which all turn every dinner into an intimate encounter. It's in your interest to arrive early because it always gets busy and the wait to get a table can be eternal. The philosophy of this semi-vegetarian restaurant includes supporting the local farmers from whom they buy their products directly and always have the guarantee of being farmed organically. You'll also find delicious dishes here that are prepared with treasures from the sea, such as salmon tartar, tuna in coconut sauce, ventresca salad, and of course, the traditional cebiche.

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