Signature cuisine, charming place. Though it's not suitable for all budgets or people with huge appetites.

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The Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar

Romantic and special evenings.

A romantic dinner or a special celebration deserves an idyllic setting and this place is the Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar, located in Old San Juan and one of the top ten places to eat out in Puerto Rico. It goes without saying that the signature cuisine and award winning presentation/service is priced accordingly and some of the dishes are not suitable if you are looking for large quantities. But if you're looking for a place with charm and trendy decor, here you can try tasty dishes and an infinite variety of internationally influenced vegetarian recipes. Curiously, in the Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar, you'll find the Puerto Rican version of paella and cured Iberian ham with strong Asturian cheese, or their own version of homemade Sicilian style gnocchi and swordfish; all that washed down with a menu of the best imported wines.

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