A night tour for the most adventurous people. And for the most courageous: a swim in the dark without a full moon!

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Bahía Bioluminiscente Vieques (Vieques Bioluminescent Bay)

An amazing natural phenomenon.

If you want to experience an authentic Puerto Rican adventure, check the lunar calendar and book a date on a darker night so that you can delve into the experience of the Bioluminescent Bay at Vieques Island from Fajardo. The bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon in which the sea emits iridescent cold light reflections, as if your canoe was going through fluorescent waters due to a high concentration of microorganisms which cause that glow. Vieques Island, situated 10 kilometres from Puerto Rico off-shore, is known for being home to the so-called 'Puerto Mosquito' (Mosquito Port), where you can rent kayaks with guides who explain the bioluminescence phenomenon during a night tour. It's best to go during a night when there's no full moon and for the brave people, they can swim in its dark waters to check how the body lights up.

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