How does it work?

Checking and managing your vouchers


Enter your voucher code and the email you used to request it to view the remaining balance, expiry date and conditions of use.

Where can I find it?
Find out the terms and conditions for requesting a voucher

What terms and conditions does my booking need to meet for me to be eligible for a voucher?

  • The ticket number must begin with 075 (Iberia code).

  • Customers who have booked a flight departing before 31 October 2020 with an origin or destination city where new travel restrictions have been imposed.

  • Request before flight departure.

If you meet these terms and conditions, you can request a voucher through Manage my booking.

For tickets purchased directly on (the ticket number will begin with 060), please request your voucher here.

Once you have sent it, you will receive a voucher for each passenger in the booking to the email address indicated on the form. This process takes approximately 5 days.

How long is the voucher valid for?

Vouchers requested before 28 May may be used to buy tickets to travel by 30 June 2021. Vouchers processed after that date are valid to buy tickets to travel by 31 December 2021.
You can find out more about the conditions and the expiry date of your voucher in the "Check and manage your vouchers" section.
Remember, you can use your voucher for any direct flight or a connecting flight where at least one of the segments is operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

Can I request a voucher for tickets bought with Avios?

If you bought your ticket with Avios or Avios&Money, please request a change or refund through the Call Centre or by filling in the Iberia Plus helpform. If you request a refund, we'll credit the Avios to your Iberia Plus account and refund the taxes to the payment card you used to buy your ticket. This is a manual process so it may take us a little longer to confirm your request. Thank you in advance for your patience.

If you used your Avios to get a discount on the price of your ticket, we will refund the entire amount by means of a voucher. Please fill in this form.

Do I have to fill in several forms if there is more than one passenger in the booking?

You only need to submit one request per “booking reference” indicating the details of one of the passengers.

We'll issue a voucher per passenger in the booking. This will include the amount paid for the ticket and any ancillaries purchased (seat selection, bags, upgrade).

We'll send all the vouchers to the contact email indicated on the form.

How do I submit the request if one of the people in the booking doesn't want a voucher or if we each want our own voucher?

That option isn't available at the moment but we're in the process of setting it up to be able to offer it as soon as possible.

Can I request a voucher if I've already undertaken part of my journey?

If you've already undertaken part of your journey you can request a voucher for the remainder. You'll receive a voucher for amount corresponding to the flight not taken.

Can I request a voucher if I've previously changed the date under your flexibility policy?

You can still request a voucher even if you've previously changed the date. However, your ticket must meet the terms and conditions.

When I receive my voucher, can I use it book through a travel agency or call centre?

Vouchers can only be used to book flights on

Can I use the voucher to book a flight with a resident or large family discount?

You can use your voucher and still get the resident or large family discount.

Can I request the voucher if I've already submitted a request for a refund?

You can't request a voucher if your refund is being processed or you've already received it.

I've requested a voucher but received a reply stating that my ticket doesn't meet the terms and conditions.

If your ticket meets the terms and conditions and you've received an email stating the opposite, it may be because you've requested it more than once. The system automatically sends a non-compliance notice in the case of repeated requests.

You should receive the voucher in the next few days. If you don't, please contact us.

What do I do if I receive an email informing me about the cancellation of my flight and telling me to request a voucher when I've already requested it?

The process that sends the flight cancellation notice doesn't detect whether a voucher request has already been submitted, so you can ignore this instruction. You'll receive your voucher within the next few days.

Can I request a voucher for a holiday package: flight+hotel or flight+car?

Flight + car and flight + hotel packages are managed by British Airways Holidays Limited. If your flight + car or flight + hotel booking is directly impacted by COVID-19, we will contact you before your departure date, without you having to worry about anything else. To enquire about changes or refunds for holiday package bookings made on Iberia Holidays, please write to the following email address:

What do I do if I've taken out travel insurance and I've requested a voucher for the ticket amount?

If you purchased Allianz travel insurance with your flight, please, contact the insurance company. To do so, you can either reply to the policy confirmation email or send a new email, indicating the policy number, to

For more information on travel insurance, please click on the following link:

What do I do if I've hired a car with Iberia-Avis?

If you've booked a car through an Iberia channel and the start date is before 1 May, you can request the cancellation and full refund or date change provided that you do so before the start date of the booking.

For car hires after 1 May, there won't be any penalty if you change your booking at least 72 hours before the start date.

To manage a car hire booking, please go or write to

Are you not interested in a voucher?

In that case, you should please contact trough our regular channels to request other alternatives