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01 February 2018Back

You can change their destiny today

When you buy your ticket through you have the option of donating from 3 to 20 euros, the entire amount of which will be spent on UNICEF programmes.

Iberia is the first airline to introduce a global programme offering customers the chance to make a donation to UNICEF when they book through our website.

Thanks to this programme jointly promoted with UNICEF and Amadeus, every time you buy a ticket through you have the opportunity to donate between 3 and 20 euros, the entire amount of which will be spent on child survival projects undertaken by UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.

The funds raised through this initiative have been spent on different immunisation campaigns in Mali, Angola and Cuba.

Immunisation is the world's most powerful tool for protecting children against a series of deadly diseases. Vaccinations save the lives of an estimated 2 to 3 million children every year.

The alliance between Iberia, Amadeus and UNICEF is a clear example of how new technologies can be used to help the most vulnerable sectors of society. The presence of Iberia and Amadeus as pioneers in this child support project also reflects the social commitment of the tourism and transport sector.

Iberia has been working with the UNICEF Spanish Committee and Amadeus since 2013, helping to guarantee the protection of children's rights all over the world thanks to our customers' response to this fantastic initiative.

Since the agreement was signed, IBERIA customers have donated more than 850,000 euros and improved the lives of thousands of children.