Puerto Rico

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Visit "Borinquen", as the Taino people called the island, and live an unforgettable experience. Enjoy warm beaches. Savour delicious food. Soak up a surprising culture. Feel nature in all its glory. Discover the treasure that Puerto Rico has in store for you.

A sandy paradise: the best beaches in Puerto Rico

White sand and crystal-clear waters. You deserve to see the picture-perfect Caribbean in real life, and Puerto Rico offers plenty of vistas to choose from: almost 300 beaches with idyllic landscapes that will make you think you've been transported to paradise. Quiet places to relax away from the crowds, perfect beaches to enjoy with your family for a few days, waters that invite sport and adventure, fashionable party beaches...…

Relax on the warm white sand of Flamenco Beach and discover La Playuela, one of those secluded places to get away from it all. Looking for a surfer's paradise? See if you can catch a wave at Crash Boat Beach. Explore the underwater paradise of Cayo Icacos or marvel at the stunning coastal landscape of Domes Beach, located between a lighthouse and a defunct nuclear reactor. Join the locals at Jobos and stroll along the fine black sand of Black Beach. Travelling with children? Head to La Monserrate, an ideal family destination with all kinds of services. And if it's a young atmosphere you want, choose from Combate Beach (don't forget to dive into the water from the pier) or Sun Bay Beach, one of the hot spots in the Vieques area. The beaches of Puerto Rico have everything you're looking for. And these are just our top ten.

Puerto Rico, an unforgettable adventure

Relaxing on any of the magnificent beaches is a must when you visit Puerto Rico. But the Caribbean island is also famous for active tourism. Challenge yourself and experience an adrenaline rush.

Zip lining in Puerto Rico

Zip lining

Want to 'fly' over Puerto Rico? With its sheer mountains and spectacular landscapes the island has become an increasingly popular place to practise zip lining. If you want to go for the high stakes, try The Monster, the second longest zip line in the world at nearly 2,500 metres and a speed of over 150 kilometres per hour.

Snorkelling in Puerto Rico


Admire the amazing coral reefs, dive with turtles and dolphins, swim through shoals of friendly tropical fish... the waters of Puerto Rico offer unique encounters in the ocean and snorkelling is a fun and easy way to enjoy them. Live this unique Caribbean adventure and see this explosion of marine life for yourself.

Surfing in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is a magnificent surfing destination. Towns on the west coast of the island, like Isabela and Rincón, are home to some of the most famous beaches for catching waves. If you want to explore some lesser known beaches, head to La 8, La Pared, Margara or Machuca and prepare to be amazed.

Exploring the bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico

Bahías bioluminiscentes de Puerto Rico

If you're looking for unique experiences in Puerto Rico, you can live a truly surreal (and eco-friendly) one that is possible in very few places on earth: exploring the bioluminescent bays. Imagine rowing or swimming at night in waters that light up in neon greenish blue as you pass through them. These rare ecosystems occur when microscopic organisms called dinoflagellates grow in quantities big enough to produce a glow-in-the-dark effect in the water. There are only five of these ecosystems in the whole world, and three of them are in Puerto Rico: Mosquito Bay, Laguna Grande and La Parguera. Be captivated by this natural spectacle, one of the genuine wonders of Puerto Rico.