Here you will find the country's youngest and most innovative artists. What's more, its Pizano collection is priceless.

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The National University Art Gallery

Bogota's most modern.

As with other cities, Bogota has its own place for emerging culture. Going to see it is a unique way to meet the more modern face of the city. To do this, you need to go to Teusaquillo. The National University Art Museum stands in the university campus. For about fifty years, this organisation has been responsible for accommodating new artistic trends from the hands of young artists. Inside, the program includes exhibitions of painting, photography, dance, film, etc. Before you go, you should take a look at the program. But the museum also has a fixed collection of twentieth century art where you can see works by Umberto Giangrandi, Carlos Rojas and Bernardo Salcedo. However, its major attraction is the Pizano collection with its plaster replicas of works of art from all periods and cultures.

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