This natural oasis with its impressive glaciers, halfway between Switzerland and Italy, is actually French territory.

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A visit to Chamonix-Mont Blanc

Exceptional belvederes

Nature fans wearing hiking boots should visit Chamonix-Mont Blanc, a town at 1,100 metres of altitude that is less than an hour's drive from Geneva. The town, however, belongs to France and it's located at the foot of the highest mountain in western Europe. There are exceptional belvederes that can be reached by long hiking paths or mechanical lifts that will help you reach the so-called "Roof of Europe", 15 km away from Switzerland and 15 km away from Italy. Gazing over the entire valley you'll find two giant, fascinating glaciers: Bossons, considered the largest ice fall in Europe, and the Mer de Glace, at which you may visit the ice cave, on a trip to the heart of the glacier.

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