You'll want to visit it not just because of the films made there, but because of its curious history.

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Bradbury Building

A legendary building in the world of cinema.

304 South Broadway is home to the oldest commercial building in the city, opened in 1893. It has not only been the scene of several Hollywood films, including the famous ‘Blade Runner’, but has also inspired a large number of television series and music videos. Although its exterior is not particularly striking, with a simple redbrick façade, its walls conceal one of the best examples of Victorian architecture in Los Angeles. It has a five-floor atrium, which is very light thanks to its enormous glass roof, and is replete with carefully decorated staircases, lifts and iron railings. Its design is shrouded in mystery. The commissioner of the building, millionaire Lewis Bradbury, initially entrusted the project to a famous architectural firm. However, the man ultimately responsible for carrying out the work was the practically unknown designer George H. Wyman, who had the plans transmitted to him from beyond the grave by his dead brother thanks to the techniques of spiritualism. The building was completely refurbished at the beginning of the ‘90s and the foyer can be accessed from Tuesday to Saturday during office hours.

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