In a luxury place like this you will not be disappointed with your meal, especially if you like high fusion cuisine.

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Dinner for two at the Hilton

A luxury evening meal.

If you are one who believes that glamour is worth the extra little bit in price, or you simply want to impress your parter, the Checkers Restaurant ( in Los Angeles is the place to do it. The famous establishment, one the most luxurious in the city, can be found on 535 South Grand Avenue. It is known for its unique combination of tradition and modernity. Inside, no details are left to chance, starting by the spectacular silver crockery and continuing past the carefully decorated walls, which contrast with the modern television screens dotted around the place. During good weather there is nothing better than sitting in their large open-air patio, where the silence is almost palpable. Their creative dishes offer modern versions of Californian cuisine, with specialities such as wasabi rice with caviar, or pacific sashimi. Also of note are their pioneering desserts, which combine all sorts of fruits with ice cream, chocolate, and other sweets. If you want more details, you can visit

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