A market which arose out of necessity is today one of the most surprising that you can visit.

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Farmer’s Market

Food and arts and craft products.

Located at 6333 West Third Street, this is one of the biggest and most famous trading areas in Los Angeles. The market also has strong links to the farmers’ guild, from which it takes its name. Its origins go back to the Great Depression of 1934, when several farm workers set up a small market here to sell their products to the general public. Back then, the area was little more than a large deserted space, located practically on the outskirts of the city. In time the market grew, both in products and clients, until it became one of the preferred meeting points for Los Angeles residents. It currently houses more than 150 points of sale in between stalls selling fruit, vegetables and many other products from the ground, as well as shops selling clothes and imported goods. There are also souvenirs, gems and other unusual items, and even some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. Just next door is a former petrol station which was allegedly the first self-service station in the world, built in the ‘30s. See www.farmersmarketla.com for more information.

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