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Garment District

The meeting place for fashion.

This part of Downtown Los Angeles is ideal for shopping. Bordering Broadway, Wall Street, Seventh Street and Pico Boulevard, it is the epicentre of the Los Angeles textile industry, with an almost limitless choice of products. Its streets abound with haute couture establishments, as well as garment factories and shops where products sell for next to nothing. One of the busiest areas is Santee Alley (www.santeealley.com), which houses up to 150 premises dedicated to the sale of textiles. In addition, the Garment District has a large shopping centre which dates from 1927, the Cooper Building (www.cooperdesignspace.com), which also acts as one of the largest exhibition spaces of Los Angeles fashion. As if that weren’t enough, Wall Street, Seventh Street and Eighth Street house a famous flower market, which is a veritable explosion of aromas and colours.

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