Japanese American Cultural And Community Center

Get closer to Japanese culture without moving and enjoy their traditional art.

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Japanese American Cultural And Community Center

Japan in Los Angeles.

Situated on 244 South San Pedro Street, in Little Tokyo, it is one of the United States' most important ethnic and cultural centres. Its vast installations include a central building, as well as the Aratani Japan America Theatre, a large plaza, and spectacular gardens. For decades, the first Japanese people to arrive in the United States dreamed of having a building like this one: a place to share their art and culture and pass it on to future generations. Its construction took place between 1978 and 1983 and was supported by Japanese and American investors, as well as several foundations and the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency. A highlight is the Doizaki Gallery, situated in the central building. It has many drawing and calligraphy works on display, as well as other Japanese art pieces. The Aratani/Japan America Theatre combines modern works with 'kabuki', the traditional Japanese dramaturgy style which originated in the 17th century. All the information regarding this place, including prices and opening times, can be found at www.jaccc.org.

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