You won’t know what to pick from the menu. Everything is of a high quality and expertly cooked.

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Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

A special evening meal.

Chinatown is full of restaurants and other food shops which feature products typical of China, headed up by tea, chicken, spices, and herbs. Many options are available if you wish to try them, the Mayflower being one of the most popular. This place is on 679 North Spring Street, and even though its outward appearance doesn't make it stand out, this is not uncommon for a Chinese restaurant. At first sight, it does not seem that big, though around 150 diners can gather in its main dining area. The décor inside is discrete, similar to any other restaurant of its type. What does make it stand out from the rest is the menu, which has over 400 different dishes, shellfish being a speciality of the house, together with lobster and fish head soups. A variety of aperitifs are available, as well as a great number of chicken, rice, pork, or squid dishes, seasoned with a great variety of sauces. Something else which it has in common with almost any other Chinese restaurant is the price, which is accessible to most people.

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