All of mankind and its history is brought together here through strange figures.

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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Mankind at a glance.

This is one of the oldest museums in Los Angeles. Located at 900 Exposition Boulevard, in the area known as Exposition Park, it opened in 1913 and gives an overview of more than four million years of the history of planet Earth, as well as the evolution of the species that have populated it throughout this time. It is located in a Spanish colonial-style building, full of marble and stained glass. The entrance is presided over by two enormous Tyrannosaurus skeletons, which protect an inside loaded with treasure. Divided into three large thematic sections, the exhibition analyses life and earth sciences, anthropology and history. Amongst many other things, it is possible to view in all its immensity a reconstruction of a Mamenchisaurus skeleton, as well as a peculiar megamouth, considered the strangest shark in the world, and an exhibition of minerals and precious stones. There is also a section devoted to the life of Indian tribes from the American Southwest, with Navajo baskets and textiles. The smallest creatures are often found in the Discovery Zone or the insect zoo, where there are ants, tarantulas and many other species. See for more information.

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