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The Museum of Tolerance

Tolerance as a principle.

A multi-ethnic and multicultural city like Los Angeles needs a space like this, which promotes respect and understanding between peoples. The museum analyses the long path to the social harmony between different races and religions now present in American society. For that reason, 16 video screens show the fight led by Martin Luther King during the ‘60s for civil rights, while several recordings and interviews relive the 1992 Los Angeles race riots, which left 26 people dead and 3,000 homes destroyed. It also remembers the Jewish Holocaust with a recreation of the Wannsee Conference, in which Nazi leaders adopted the appalling Final Solution,which would end the lives of six million people. The museum, located at 9786 West Pico Boulevard, receives visitors in the Tolerancenter, a space with interactive exhibitions including a map showing the histories of the different racial groups in America. See www.museumoftolerance.com for more information.

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