The Los Angeles station preserves some details from its Spanish past and boasts some impressive architecture.

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Union Station

A scene from the big screen.

Whether or not you intend to get the Metro or train to move around Los Angeles, you need to look around this historic station. Situated on 800 North Alameda Street, opposite the Pueblo de Los Angeles, it was inaugurated in 1939 and was based on an original project by architects John B. and Donald D. Parkinson, father and son respectively. The building has a Spanish colonial style and a good collection of Neo-Moorish elements in the interior. It is worth paying special attention to the marble floors and arched windows, as well as the tall, coffered ceiling. Known for decades as the last of the great American train stations (even though there are other much bigger stations), it has been used in films such as 'Union Station', directed in 1950 by Rudolph Maté, 'Blade Runner' (Ridley Scott, 1982), 'The Fabulous Baker Boys' (1989, Steven Kloves), 'Bugsy' (1992, Barry Levinson), 'Speed' (1994, Jan de Bont), or 'Pearl Harbor' (2001, Michael Bay). In addition, it sees over 60,000 passengers every day and was inscribed in the United States National Register of Historic Places.

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