In this small shopping centre you will find shops with amazing reductions

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Dolphin Mall

Shopping and yet more shopping

If you would like to track down some attractive bargains during your visit to the city, but you don’t have the time and/or the inclination to go to Sawgrass Mills Mall – the outlet shopping centre par excellence – there is another attractive alternative along the same lines, but a little closer. To get to Dolphin Mall you just have to go to 12th Street. To look at, it is just like any other large shopping centre. However, what is interesting is that among its over 200 shops, there are certain outlet shops which you will definitely fancy going into to have a look. Among them, sports brands like Nike and Volcom; fashion companies like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, GAP and Levis; electronic companies like Sony and even, the famous department store Bloomingdale’s. You will also find Victoria’s Secret, Kipling, Forever 21 and even the official shop of the local basket ball team, Miami Heat.

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