Miami also wanted to pay homage to the victims of Nazism and this is their monument

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Holocaust Memorial

Monument to the victims of the Holocaust

In this city, as in many other parts of the world, there is a monument to remember the Jews who were killed in Nazi Germany. This one was instigated by a group of Holocaust survivors, who, in 1984, decided to set up a committee with the aim of building something to pay homage to the millions of Jews who were killed. The monument in question, which opened to the public in 1990, is quite large and is made up of several sections. When you have walked through the Garden of Meditation, the dome and the affecting walkway illuminated by natural light shining through slits in the wall, you arrive at the central, most moving part. Here you will see, in a sort of open air square, a giant bronze sculpture of an enormous hand towering above and emerging from dozens of human figures with expressions of pain and suffering on their faces who appear to be holding on to or climbing up the arm. The sculpture is extremely realistic.

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