When you are in Little Havana make sure you visit this famous shop and take a guayabera shirt home with you

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La Casa de las Guayaberas

Memories of Cuba

Everyone who has been to Cuba (and even those who haven't) know that one of the greatest classics of Cuban clothing is the guayabera, the traditional linen shirt with pockets at the top and the bottom. And naturally, in Miami's Little Havana there has to be a shop selling such a popular item of clothing. Definitely the most famous is the Casa de las Guayaberas, a real legend in this area and the rest of the city, because of the design of the shirts and the quality of the fabric. For both men and women, short-sleeved or long-sleeved, in white, blue, brown… The possibilities are endless. Actors, singers and even presidents have bought one of these famous shirts from this shop. The huge sign in Calle Ocho tells you that you have found the place you were looking for (www.ramonpuig.com).

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