Come and discover the most Cuban neighbourhood of Miami and enjoy meeting the locals

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Little Havana

Little Havana in Miami

Although it’s true to say that all of Miami has a very Latin feel, and that you can try out your Spanish almost everywhere and be understood, there is one place that beats them all: Little Havana. Little Havana (La Pequeña Habana) is the name given to the neighbourhood where the majority of Cuban exiles have gathered since the early sixties. This is where its name comes from, although the community of the neighbourhood today is a mix including people from other Latin American countries, not just Cuba. As well as experiencing its atmosphere, you must walk along the main avenue. This is Calle Ocho, the central hub of Little Havana where all the most famous cigar and guayabera shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries are found. As you walk down this avenue, don’t forget to take a look, for example, at the historic and beautiful Art Deco building of Tower Theatre, built in 1926; at the Máximo Gómez Park, where many retired people meet up to play dominoes and put the world to rights; or, cast your eyes down to the ground, to its very own Walk of Fame – of Latin celebrities, of course.

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