In the area known as Little Haiti you will find this small piece of the Caribbean where you will have a great evening

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Tap Tap

The Caribbean in Miami

Everyone knows of the existence of Little Havana in Miami, but you should also know that there is a Little Haiti in the northern area of Miami, a reflection of the considerable Haitian immigrant community in the city. In fact, it is the largest Haitian population outside Haiti. As well as Little Haiti, evidence of this substantial presence is, for instance, the restaurant on Miami Beach, devoted heart and soul, since 1994, to cooking Haitian and Caribbean dishes. The cheery and colourful decor, both on the walls and on the tables themselves, the paintings, the occasional live music make Tap Tap the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere and culture of this Caribbean country – the music, the colour, the smells and of course, the flavours!

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