A narrated or lunch/dinner cruise on the Moldau River is one of Prague's loveliest experiences.

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Moldau River cruises

430 kilometres (267 miles) of charm

The Czech Republic's longest and most important river at 430 kilometres (267 miles) long, the Moldau - Vltava in Czech - originates in the Bohemian Forest near the border with Germany and runs to the town of Mělník, where it joins with another river called the Elba, along the way passing through the iconic Czech cities of Český Krumlov, České Budějovice, and of course the country's capital, Prague. Seeing both Prague and larger parts of the country from this iconic river is a lovely experience worth making time for. You can catch various kinds of cruises - from guided tours to dinner cruises - from Kampa island (accessible from Charles Bridge) and other Old Town river embankments.

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